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Notice of Changes in Service Fees

■Early check-in/ Late check-out If you enter the room before check-in time or stay after check-out time, 1,000 yen per hour will be charged. Please ask at the front desk if you would like to use this service. ※Check-in time: 16:00 / Check-out time: 11:00 ※Subject to room availability.   ■ Rent-a-cycle 2hours 500JPY 5hours 1,000JPY 10hours 2,000JPY   Bicycles can be rented to hostel guests with a fee. Please ask at the front desk if you would like to…[MORE]

Happy New Year!🙇‍♀️🎍

Last year, many guests from all over the world came to WeBase Hakata. The lodging industry is in a difficult situation due to the covid-19 disaster, however, we are happy to see that everyone is enjoying their trip while taking measures to prevent infection. All of our staff received a lot of energy from the guests. Thank you so much! 🐰✨   (New Year’s Eve Countdown✨)   This year’s trips are likely to continue to be affected by infection control…[MORE]

【Event】Art Tea Ceremony Report🍵

held over a three-day period from 9/29 to 10/1. Report on the exhibition of works by two young artists + [Art Tea Ceremony] by Omotesenke Tea Ceremony master 🍵   ■About Omotesenke … One of the representative schools of tea ceremony called Sanzenke, created by the descendants of Sen no Rikyu. It was called “Omotesenke” because it was a tea house facing the front street. Omotesenke does not whisk the tea, which gives it a deep matcha flavor. They are…[MORE]

【Event】Art Tea ceremony, starting tomorrow!

It’s getting chilly today. It’s autumn, the season of the arts.🍁 Lots of artistic events this month♪   From tomorrow, the 29th, two young artists will exhibit their works + Omotesenke tea ceremony professor 【Art Tea ceremony】will be held!   ■ Schedule   2022 Thursday, September 29, 5-8 p.m. Friday, September 30, 5 to 8 p.m. Saturday, October 1, 2-5 p.m.   *500 yen per seat (tea and sweets) *Art Exhibit will be on display from September 22, 2022 (Thursday)…[MORE]

【Event】”Messages from Illness Between Light and Darkness Photo Exhibition” was held.

Tree days between September 17-19.『Messages from Illness Between Light and Darkness Photo Exhibition』was held!   Thank you very much to the Secretariat of the Message from the Illness for all your help!✨   ■ What is『Messages from Illness Between Light and Darkness Photo Exhibition』? Photos received from people with illnesses or pre-existing conditions or their family members. The exhibition is accompanied by messages of “thoughts and feelings that I realized through my illness, and feelings that I would like to…[MORE]

【Event】Botany Painting was held.❁

Botany Painting was held in our lounge on September 9 and 10!   Here is a report on the workshop ♪   ■ What is Botany Painting? This is an art course in which real lotus leaves are pasted on panels or acrylic boards and colored. In botany painting, lotus leaves are pasted and colored, so You can easily enjoy coloring without feeling uncomfortable with painting. The artwork will be the only one of its kind in the world to…[MORE]

WeBase博多 中文版交通图

アクセス情報|【公式】WeBase 博多|中心街からアクセス良好 Access 交通方式 我们优越的地理位置将使您的旅行更加愉快。 WeBase博多位于博多旧市街 周围全都是观光地 去博多站・天神附近极为方便 谷歌地图 WeBase 博多 〒812-0025 福岡県福岡市博多区店屋町5-9 TEL:092-292-2322 办理入住 16:00~(最晚26:00) 办理退房 ~11:00 ※如果您将在 22:00 后入住,请提前联系我们。 ※如果您在23:00之后到达,请按大门旁边的门铃。 联名停车场 步行3分钟内有两个附属停车场。 使用停车场时,请不要忘记在前台出示您的停车票。 请注意,停车场没办法提前预订车位。 ①Trust park 上川端 【地址】〒812-0026 福岡県福岡市博多区上川端町12-29 GoogleMapで見る 【费用】1,200円 【时间】15:00~翌日12:00 【注意事项】车辆高度 155 厘米以下,底盘至少 12 厘米高的车辆才可以使用。 此停车场是多层停车场(66辆)。 泊车不能临时出库。 ②紙与parking店屋町 【地址】〒812-0025 福岡県福岡市博多区店屋町7丁目25 GoogleMapで見る 【费用】1,300円 【时间】15:00~翌11:00 【注意事项】车高可以最高 210 厘米。 多层停车场(211 辆车)。 停车途中不能临时出库。 服务票必须在我们前台购买。 ツールバーへスキップ WordPress について WordPress について ドキュメンテーション サポート フィードバック WeBase 博多 ダッシュボード 00件のコメントが承認待ちです 新規 投稿 メディア 固定ページ 場所 イベント お知らせ フッターバナー ヘッダーメニュー フッター情報 固定ページを編集 Duplicate Post…[MORE]

【Event】Report on Hakata Gion Yamakasa in 2022

Report on the 2022 Hakata Gion Yamakasa! The city of Hakata was excited to have the “Oi-yama” for the first time in three years.☀   On July 1, the Yamakasa festival begins with the unveiling of the Kazari-yama! Each one has its own character.♪   The long-awaited appearance of Kaki-yama! Our hostel is located within the area of the “Doi-nagare team”. To get the people carrying the Kaki-yama fired up and at the same time to cool down the heat,…[MORE]

WeBase博多 中文导航界面

酒店概况 WeBase博多 中文版酒店介绍 房型介绍 WeBase博多 中文版房型介绍 交通介绍 WeBase博多 中文版交通图

WeBase博多 中文版房型介绍

客室のご紹介|【公式】WeBase 博多|7タイプの清潔感あふれる客室 Room 客房 本馆共有7种房型共能容纳152人入住 本酒店有价格美丽的胶囊型房间,还有男女宿舍,也有适用于家庭旅行的总统套间,适合您的多种需求。 总统套间 双人套间 上下床房间(2名用) 上下床房间(4名用) 男女混合宿舍 女生宿舍 男生宿舍 总统套房 点此预约(日语) 点此预约(日语) 一张大床,可以住两个人的房间。使用高档席梦思床垫,保障您的睡眠质量。被子是大床被的尺寸。 (淋浴间和洗手间是公用的) 额定人数 2名 儿童 最多可以加2名 床的尺寸 200㎝ × 200㎝ 平米数 8.90㎡ 设备 液晶电视 洗面台 吹风机 镜子 办公桌 椅子 擦脸巾 鞋拔子 点此预约(日语) 双人房 点此预约(日语) 点此预约(日语) 两张单人床的房间。使用的床垫都是席梦思的,保障您的睡眠质量 (淋浴间和洗手间是公用的) 额定人数 2名 儿童 最多可以加2名 床的尺寸 190㎝ × 100㎝ 平米数 6.98㎡ 设备 液晶电视 桌子 椅子 梳妆镜 擦脸巾 鞋拔子 点此预约(日语) 宿舍房(2名用) 点此预约(日语) 点此预约(日语) 房间有一个上下床。 2022年1月我们重新定制了床垫,这是西川公司和我们WeBase的独家联名款床垫。 (淋浴间和洗手间是公用的) 额定人数 2名 儿童 最多可以加1名 床的尺寸 200㎝ × 90㎝ 平米数 4.78㎡ 设备 小桌子 椅子…[MORE]