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Notice of Changes in Service Fees

■Early check-in/ Late check-out If you enter the room before check-in time or stay after check-out time, 1,000 yen per hour will be charged. Please ask at the front desk if you would like to use this service. ※Check-in time: 16:00 / Check-out time: 11:00 ※Subject to room availability.   ■ Rent-a-cycle 2hours 500JPY 5hours 1,000JPY 10hours 2,000JPY   Bicycles can be rented to hostel guests with a fee. Please ask at the front desk if you would like to…[MORE]

Happy New Year!🙇‍♀️🎍

Last year, many guests from all over the world came to WeBase Hakata. The lodging industry is in a difficult situation due to the covid-19 disaster, however, we are happy to see that everyone is enjoying their trip while taking measures to prevent infection. All of our staff received a lot of energy from the guests. Thank you so much! 🐰✨   (New Year’s Eve Countdown✨)   This year’s trips are likely to continue to be affected by infection control…[MORE]

【Event】2022 Hakata Dontaku Harbor Festival Report

2022 Hakata Matsubayashi and the first Hakata Dontaku Harbor Festival in three years!   The day of the festival was a beautiful sunny day for a festival ☀   And here is the Hakata Matsubayashi. The one in the center wearing a kimono is the general manager, and to his right is our staff who participate in the Daikoku Nagare team every year!   A quick snap with a staff member who is observing the Matsubayashi after working the night…[MORE]