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Grand Setsubun Festival [Kushida Shrine]

The Japan’s biggest “Otafuku mask”   The Setsubun Festival at Kushida Shrine (a 5-minute walk from WeBase Hakata) attracts many worshippers every year. The Japan’s biggest (5 meters in height) “Otafuku (smiling woman) mask” is set up at the shrine’s three entrances of Romon, Hokujinmon, and Nanjinmon gate from January15 to February 11 (Tue/hol). This Otafuku mask can be seen only at this time of the year. It is also a power spot where it is said that passing through…[MORE]

【Event】2022 Hakata Dontaku Harbor Festival Report

2022 Hakata Matsubayashi and the first Hakata Dontaku Harbor Festival in three years!   The day of the festival was a beautiful sunny day for a festival ☀   And here is the Hakata Matsubayashi. The one in the center wearing a kimono is the general manager, and to his right is our staff who participate in the Daikoku Nagare team every year!   A quick snap with a staff member who is observing the Matsubayashi after working the night…[MORE]


The giant cat🐈 is the symbol of WeBase. We are often asked by guests and passersbyers, “What is this cat?” Recently, during the Hakata Dontaku Festival, a lost child said, “There is a big cat there! and asked people on the street “Where can I find that cat? He asked people on the street, and he made it back to our hostel without any trouble.😌     Let us introduce you to our an impactful & fascinating cat, the SHIP’S…[MORE]

Group travel recommendations in Fukuoka

Group travel recommendations in Fukuoka: recommended for training camps, reunions, student trips, etc.! Plenty of private rooms with bunk beds!   This time, we’d like to introduce facilities we recommend to those looking for group accommodation in Fukuoka!   Recommendations: 🔘 Plenty of private rooms with bunk beds 🔘Spacious communal areas available 24 hours a day 🔘Free breakfast included 🔘Dinner options available (from 1,200 yen) 🔘It is easy to get to anywhere in the centre of Hakata 🔘There are a…[MORE]