【Event】Art Tea Ceremony Report🍵

held over a three-day period from 9/29 to 10/1.

Report on the exhibition of works by two young artists + [Art Tea Ceremony] by Omotesenke Tea Ceremony master 🍵


■About Omotesenke …

One of the representative schools of tea ceremony called Sanzenke, created by the descendants of Sen no Rikyu.

It was called “Omotesenke” because it was a tea house facing the front street.

Omotesenke does not whisk the tea, which gives it a deep matcha flavor.

They are also conservative, respecting old-fashioned traditions.

Omotesenke, the head family of the Senke school of tea ceremony, has inherited the ancient manners of the tea ceremony.


(Quote: “Asobu! What is the Tea Ceremony? An introduction to the manners, history, and schools of tea ceremony.https://www.asoview.com/note/2788/



For profiles of the artists, Tomoki Yakiyama and Ruoqi Li , who exhibited their works.

Please take a look at our previous article ♪




Thanks to the efforts of everyone involved in the event, many people visited here!😢



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The way you brew tea is truly an art!…!


Finally, a picture with the WeBase general manager and the master📸✨


Master, Yakisama san, Li san!

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