\Fukuoka STAY Safe and Secure Tourism Campaign/

\ New Plan Announcement /


Plan sales period : until Monday,October 31, 2022


「The Fukuoka STAY Safe and Secure Sightseeing Campaign」aims to promote the attractiveness of Fukuoka’s nature, history, culture, and food.

We have two plans for you!



Enjoy sightseeing in Fukuoka!Rental Bicycle Plan(Free GoPro Rental)」


This is a cycling plan with a Gopro, which can capture realistic images “as you see them”. It is installed on a bicycle to capture every detail of the Fukuoka sightseeing tour on film.

On a sunny day, it is recommended to go to Ohori Park, Shika Island, or Uminonakamichi Park for exercise as well.

It will be a wonderful memory for sure ♪



Please bring your own SD card for GoPro.

Credit card registration is required for GoPro rental.

Please note that we do not provide lectures on how to use GoPro


The “Souvenir Plan” includes a souvenir of Mentai French bread


An original baguette made for Hakata by Liberte Patisserie Boulangerie, which has stores in Kichijoji,Tokyo and Kyoto.

The flour used is from Moulin Bourgeois, a long-established flour mill in France. The bread is then generously coated with a paste made from a blend of mentaiko (cod roe with green chili pepper) and AOP butter from Narasaki Shoten, a long-established shop in Hakata, Japan.

Baked to a crispy, savory perfection. The mentaiko (spicy cod roe) with green chili pepper accentuates the flavor.



You will receive a souvenir Mentaiko French bread when you check out.

One bread per person (excluding preschooler without accommodation charge).

Bread must be toasted and served by the end of the day.



【Plan Information】


This plan is subject to the “Fukuoka STAY” safe and secure use campaign.

Please cooperate with the following procedures upon check-in.


① Fill out the Usage Confirmation Form

② Fill out the User Questionnaire


Click here for campaign details → Fukuoka STAY Safe and Secure Tourism Campaign