【WeBase Hakata x Etajima-so】 special discount coupon for Etajima-so present project!

We’re starting the special discount coupon for Etajima-so present project


From July 9 (Sat.) to September 30 (Fri.),  guests staying at “WeBase Hakata” will receive the following benefits.

Special discount coupon (5,000 yen) for “Etajima-so“, a associated accommodation facility located inEtajima City, Hiroshima Prefecture.


■Conditions for giving special discount coupon

1,Guests staying at WeBase Hakata during the following period

Saturday, July 9 – Friday, September 30

2,Those who follow us on our official Instagram and Facebook pages

3,Please present the article “Etajima-so Special Guest Coupon Present Project” on Instagram/Facebook at the front desk. Each guest will receive one 5,000 yen special discount coupon for “Etajima-so”.


■ Period of validity of the special coupons

Saturday, July 9 – Wednesday, November 30

Excluded: Saturdays, the days before national holidays and national holidays

※Please note that dates other than those listed above may not be available.


Please take this opportunity to visit “WeBase Hakata” and “Etajima-so“.


■ About Etajima-so

Facing the calm sea,「Etajima-so」is a「hot spring resort that energizes your mind and body」

32 spacious rooms overlooking the sea in a setting that harmonizes with the rich nature of Etajima.

Inspired by Eriko Horiki, one of Japan’s leading washi paper artists, who came into contact with the nature of Etajima and conversed with the local people.

Artworks will welcome you.

Please also enjoy a variety of dishes prepared by Chef Junya Kotake, who trained in France.

The menu is full of gems made with seasonal ingredients from Etajima and other local areas.

The other prominent feature of the hot spring is the highly rare therapeutic hot spring.

The unique and exquisite Etajima-so adds a sense of relaxation to your stay.


Etajima-so Official Website