【Event】2022 Hakata Dontaku Harbor Festival Report

2022 Hakata Matsubayashi and the first Hakata Dontaku Harbor Festival in three years!


The day of the festival was a beautiful sunny day for a festival ☀


And here is the Hakata Matsubayashi.

The one in the center wearing a kimono is the general manager, and to his right is our staff who participate in the Daikoku Nagare team every year!


A quick snap with a staff member who is observing the Matsubayashi after working the night shift 📷


And finally, the Matsubayashi is performed.

The procession of “Fukujin,” “Ebisu,” and “Daikokuten” leaves Kushida Shrine and is celebrated in turn.

Like last year, the event was scaled down to prevent infection.



The “Iou-ta-! or celebrations” echoed loudly.


Then the Dontaku parade starts at noon!

Since it had been three years since the last event, the Meiji Street right next to the Hostel was overflowing with visitors.


Although the parade was scaled down, the staff was excited all the way to the end to see how lively it had been for a long time!




Dontaku was held for two days.

Foods and beverages were sold at the entrance of the Hostel during the event!


The ever-popular “Banh Mi” is being served from Itoshima!

It is so delicious that our staff order it every time! lol


Thank you to the people who live in the area for always using our services.(*^-^*)



We also posted about Dontaku on Instagram. Please take a look… ♪♪