Grand Setsubun Festival [Kushida Shrine]

The Japan’s biggest “Otafuku mask”


The Setsubun Festival at Kushida Shrine (a 5-minute walk from WeBase Hakata) attracts many worshippers every year.

The Japan’s biggest (5 meters in height) “Otafuku (smiling woman) mask” is set up at the shrine’s three entrances of Romon, Hokujinmon, and Nanjinmon gate from January15 to February 11 (Tue/hol).

This Otafuku mask can be seen only at this time of the year.

It is also a power spot where it is said that passing through the masks will bring good fortune.


The eve of the festival will be held on February 2, and the Setsubun Grand Festival will be held on February 3.

Don’t miss it when you visit WeBase Hakata ♪